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County residents coming home to roost

Commission approves request for urban chickens The mood in Cassopolis may soon turn a bit fowl. The village planning commission approved a recommendation for the ... Read more  | Add your comment

County forecloses on lakeside property

The Cass County government may soon find itself in possession of a valuable lakeside resource. County Treasurer Linda Irwin announced that she has recently foreclosed ... Read more  | Add your comment

Cass County proposes changes to healthcare coverage

Employees with Cass County may soon be paying more for their employer-provided health insurance. Read more  | Add your comment

City approves purchase of storage units

City approves purchase of storage units

The city’s plans to acquire the pair of storage units adjacent to Russom Park have been altered, as they now plan to purchase the property ... Read more  | Add your comment

Dowagiac City Manager provides update on economic developments

According to City Manager Kevin Anderson, the developments that occurred within the city over the last few years did not happen overnight or by a ... Read more  | Add your comment

Sewer rates to increase slightly due to improvement costs

Customers of the Niles Wastewater Treatment Plant can expect to see at small increase in their sewer rates as the city upgrades its sanitary sewer ... Read more  | Add your comment

Council member petitions for services

Niles City Council member Georgia Boggs is spearheading an effort to bring more services back to the South Berrien County area. Read more  | Add your comment

City of Dowagiac begins making updates to wastewater plant

Seeds planted by the city last year through a number of grant applications for the city’s sewage management system are slowly beginning to rise and ... Read more  | Add your comment

City working to improve Riverside Cemetery

City working to improve Riverside Cemetery

Between the wooded confines of Rudolphi Woods and the grassy sports fields at Russom Park, there are acres of natural beauty to behold in Dowagiac. ... Read more  | Add your comment

Hicks wishes to remain supervisor

Steve Hicks is seeking to be retained as Bertrand Township Supervisor during the Aug. 5 primary election because he believes strongly in local level government. ... Read more  | Add your comment

Cass County budget sees ‘minimal change’

Despite being delayed for several months, the audit of Cass County’s 2013 finances painted stable picture amidst a year of upheaval within the county government. ... Read more  | Add your comment

O’Reilly Auto Parts must change design plan before coming to Niles

Niles said “O-O-O” no to O’Reilly Auto Part’s request to deviate from the rules laid out in the city’s South 11th Street overlay. Read more  | Add your comment

Milton Township appoints new clerk

On Monday, the board of trustees unanimously approved a motion to appoint Steve Sante to the position vacated when Sue Kronewitter resigned May 16. Read more  | Add your comment

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