Rob Herbstreith: Traffic questions answered

The next few weeks I will be answering common traffic related questions. Q: What is the law concerning the window tint on car windows? — ... Read more  | Add your comment

State Rep. Sharon Tyler: Thank you, veterans and active duty soldiers

As the war in Afghanistan continues, it sometimes seems like it has little to do with day-to-day life in America. In our community, however, the ... Read more  | Add your comment

State Sen. John Proos: Securing our future

Michigan will have an additional $498.6 million in revenue in Fiscal Year 2012 according to the May Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference. I am pleased to ... Read more  | Add your comment

Editorial: Arrests set an example

Thursday, May 19, 2011 The arrests May 12 of four teens at Niles High School was not a pretty scene. The four men — a fifth ... Read more  | Add your comment

John Eby: Smoke from Dylan’s 70 candles blowing in wind

I’ve seen Minnesota’s Bob Dylan, who turns 70 May 24, twice, most recently Aug. 22, 2004. The man who introduced the Beatles to pot in ... Read more  | Add your comment

Letters to the Editor

‘I’m very worried about global warming’

I’m very worried about global warming! Will it happen in my lifetime? Read more  | Add your comment

Reader frustrated with government

I am very frustrated with the abuse that goes on with our government! Read more  | Add your comment

Thanks for the help

On the morning of April 10, 2014, my wife and I were awakened by our delivery truck driver who told us that our store had ... Read more  | Add your comment

Frustrated with politics

I am very frustrated with the abuse that goes on with our government! There seems to be a lot of waste and abuse. A new ... Read more  | Add your comment

Dowagiac church ‘not so blessed’

Last week I saw a sign in front of the Michiana Church of Christ that read “God bless you Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby.” I am ... Read more  | Add your comment

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