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Nichols pleads guilty

Nichols pleads guilty

Trey Nichols, one of the five Niles teenagers accused of plotting a sex video extortion scandal, has taken a plea deal. Read more

No pleas yet after 2nd defendant accepts deal in extortion case

No other defendants in a sex extortion case have accepted plea deals after Parnell Martin pleaded guilty Thursday to criminal sexual conduct in the 3rd ... Read more

Martin pleads guilty

One of the five Niles teenagers allegedly involved in the sex video extortion scandal pleaded guilty to reduced charges today at the South Berrien County ... Read more

Nichols pleads not guilty to contempt of court charge

Trey Nichols, one of five Nichols teens accused of scheming a sex video extortion plot, pleaded not guilty to a contempt of court charge at ... Read more | 3 comments

Trey Nichols jailed for contempt of court

Trey Nichols, who faces charges in a sex extortion case, has been arrested and was booked at the Berrien County Jail today. A warrant was ... Read more | 1 comment