LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote ‘yes’ May 7 for Brandywine Community Schools

Published 11:13 am Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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Surveys and meetings took place to help prioritize the bond improvement projects. How anyone in this district can vote no to improving the safety of our schools to protect our children- our futures- is beyond me. If we want successful students- who can leave school with certifications and degrees in much needed trades programs- why would we say no. 

Have those who say no not driven in the high school parking lot and wondered why they are dodging through a lot in need of repairs. 

How can you say no to giving our youngest kids a gym space to be able to unwind and be more successful in class and have more opportunities with programming. 

Not to forget to mention voting no means not allowing for the creative space which will allow music and theater programs to be held on campus- and allowing for usable space for so many other events. 

If you want the best for students, the best for staff and the best for the community- say YES and invest in keeping money, students, staff and community in Brandywine. All this for no expected change in your taxes. I will gladly pay $390 a year (estimate on a home valued at $200,000) to keep children and staff safe. To bring value to our community by having more opportunities for our students and creating an atmosphere where other students in districts want to come to ours. 

I will gladly vote YES and ask all those in Brandywine Community Schools to vote YES and remind others to VOTE YES on May 7th.

Jen Unger