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Motorcycle rearends slowing car on M-51

Deputies from the Cass County Sheriff’s Office responded at 11:10 a.m. Thursday to a traffic incident involving a motorcycle and a car on M-51 south ... Read more

Two injured in head-on crash

Two people were injured in a two-car head-on crash early Sunday morning in Jefferson Township, Cass County. Read more

3 injured in U.S. 12 crash

3 injured in U.S. 12 crash

Three females were injured in what was described as a “high-speed, heavy impact” crash at the 32700 block of U.S. Highway 12 East Tuesday afternoon. Read more

Synthetic marijuana hits drug scene

Synthetic marijuana hits drug scene

Hospitalization and a suicide attempt: Synthetic marijuana has moved into Dowagiac in an ominous way in the past month. Read more

Two injured in Terminal Road crash

Two Niles residents were injured when their vehicle lost control, launched through some trees and rolled on Terminal Street in Cass County Wednesday morning. Read more

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