LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Consider voting for Priscilla Gatties for trustee

Published 8:29 am Saturday, October 17, 2020

I’ve seen my name on a ballot 12 times over the years but seeing my wife’s name on the general election ballot for the first time is one of the proudest moments of my life, and I’m actually crying a bit as I type this.

Priscilla Gatties is honestly the most intelligent person that I know and would be a fantastic addition to the LaGrange Township board as a trustee. Forget political party labels, our township board has done very little to advance infrastructure in the seven years that we have lived out here. That’s a lot of check collecting at taxpayer expense for a “do little” governing body. My wife is looking to change this.

Priscilla will serve our township with empathy and fiscal responsibility in mind in order to best serve the community. You may see a sleepy, rural township, but my wife sees an opportunity for actual growth and much improved infrastructure.

Search “Priscilla Gatties for LaGrange Twp. Trustee” on Facebook to learn more and please consider voting for her and all Democrats on or before Nov. 3.

Jason Gatties