LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Elections have consequences

Published 1:08 pm Tuesday, April 2, 2024

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Elections have consequences. And the stakes in the upcoming general election couldn’t be higher. Voters need to ask themselves what kind of government they want. Do we want a congressman representing us who advocates for no humanitarian aid for Gaza and who suggests that “we should get it over quick”? “Just like Nagasaki and Hiroshima.” These are the words of Representative Tim Walberg (R 5th Congressional District). 

In responding to inquiries about his statements, Walberg’s office does not deny them or the validity of the video recording his remarks. Instead, his office states that the congressman believes “We shouldn’t be spending a dime on humanitarian aid,” even though it is widely reported that Palestinians are suffering from severe hunger. For someone who describes himself as a Christian pastor, one must wonder how these views align with the words of Christ who calls on us to feed the hungry and love our neighbors as ourselves.

Walberg also says that he thinks the same way about Ukraine, “Defeat Putin quick.” “Instead [of] 80 percent in Ukraine being used for humanitarian purposes, it should be 80 to 100 percent to wipe out Russia.” This last statement is particularly ironic given his recent comments at a senior fair at the Cass County Medical Facility where Walberg said that he would not ask House Speaker Mike Johnson to bring the bill authorizing military aid to Ukraine to the floor for a vote. Walberg said that any money for humanitarian aid had to be removed from the bill first. He said he cares deeply for the people of Ukraine, having preached in several Ukrainian churches.

If Mr. Walberg cares about the people in Ukraine, and he wants to defeat Putin quickly, he should work hard to get his fellow Republicans in Congress to pass the military aid package, including humanitarian aid.

Elections are coming and we in Congressional District 5 should ask ourselves if we want someone representing us who is willing to suggest the use of nuclear weapons, who has so little regard for the people of Palestine and Ukraine, and who doesn’t understand the role of the U.S. in working to keep peace in the world. Mr. Walberg does not deserve our votes.

Naomi Ludman, Chair

Cass County Democratic Party