LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote for Jon Hoadley to represent us

Published 11:00 am Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The decision of who to vote for in the U.S. Congressional election in Southwest Michigan (District MI-6) is simple.

If you approve of Donald Trump, vote for incumbent Fred Upton (R). Upton has voted the Trump agenda more than 80 percent of the time (Five Thirty-Eight: “Tracking Congress in the Age of Trump”). Upton voted against Trump’s impeachment (Ibid, et al). And Upton has taken several thousand dollars in contributions from the family of Trump’s Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos (CBS Detroit: “Federal Campaign Finance Records Show Richard DeVos Jr. Still Contributing,” et al). Upton has also accepted donations from corporate lobbyists and out-of-state political action committees (PACs) (OpenSecrets: “Rep. Fred Upton — Michigan District 06”).

If you want a change in Washington, vote for challenger Jon Hoadley (D). In his lifetime of social activism and his six years (2014 — present) as the representative of the City of Kalamazoo in the Michigan House, Jon Hoadley has consistently worked for and voted for the people in regard to health care, education, women’s rights, gay rights, human rights, voting rights, the environment, and social justice. He does not take donations from corporate political action committees.

If you believe that the political old guard status quo is not working for you, for the country and for democracy, then please vote for Jon Hoadley to represent southwest Michigan in D.C.

Robert Weir