EDITORIAL: Two paws up to animal control

Published 9:51 am Friday, April 19, 2019

This week is Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week, and our editorial board would like to celebrate by extending a thank you to our animal control officers for all they do in the community.

Though our reporting, we have often talked with animal control officers in Berrien and Cass counties. We have seen the passion they have for their jobs and how much they care for southwest Michigan’s furriest friends.

After the historic flood of 2018, we listened to animal control officers in Berrien County as they described how they saved the lives of dogs, cats and even horses. We have watched as Cass County has worked to increase awareness surrounding its spay and neuter program so that animal control officers can help ensure that no puppies or kittens are born without a loving home. We have also observed officers in action as they interact with the animals in their care.

It is clear to us that these officers love the animals they work with and want to help them live the best lives possible.

We are animals lovers here at Leader Publications, but we see the work that our local animal control officers do as worthwhile and deserving of praise. Even after Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week is over, we want to offer our continuing support to the animal control departments in Berrien and Cass counties so that they can continue to care for animals in needs and provide residents with furry family members.

Opinions expressed are those of general manager Ambrosia Neldon, managing editor Sarah Culton and sports editor Scott Novak.