All must step up in order for Niles to prosper in 2016

Published 9:41 am Monday, January 11, 2016

In 2015, I look back and see a lot of changes going on in Niles, Michigan. Our city councils and street departments, MDOT and code enforcements have listened to the public in tearing down old buildings, fixing sidewalks, enforcing our city to be cleaning our yards and shoveling sidewalks.

We have a new Main Street Bridge to be very proud of. I would personally like to say “thank you” to each and every one of you. We need to say thank you to our police departments and fire fighters for a wonderful year of 2015.

As we move to 2016, we will see our school improving.

So many people are involved in helping our school to change to the future. To teach our kids respect and manners, this is very high on the list. As parents, we need to teach our kids respect and manners. It is very sad how rude our kids have gotten throughout the years. It started at home; if you don’t have respect for yourself you don’t respect others. We see social media playing throughout the future and we need to teach or kids right from wrong in posting stuff. Many employers and colleges look at your social media.

I hope to see Niles get business in our area soon and fast because people are getting jobs in Indiana. We like to see people stay in Niles and keep visitors coming to Niles. It doesn’t just take our town’s leaders to help us make changes in Niles. It takes all of us in Niles to make change, get jobs here, push for jobs to come to Niles and direct them to the people they need to get in touch with.

What I hear all the time is, “who is our mayor?” Many businesses don’t see the mayor, based on who I have talk to. Yes, I do know our mayor, but I couldn’t tell you who he is. I see pictures. I have never met him or talked to him. He needs to go out to the businesses and different events and say who he is and ask what you want to see happen in Niles.

Some people say they don’t know our city council members. As we were showing pictures of the ribbon cutting for the Main Street Bridge on social media someone asked me who was cutting the ribbon. She had moved out of Niles, and come home once in a great while, so I told her it is our city administrator, Ric Huff.

She was happy to hear we have a new bridge, but she got a rude comment from a person who said some pretty mean stuff. As I looked into who said that I realized it was a person who is in their twenties. I felt so bad for the person who asked who was cutting the ribbon. I was mad at the person who gave the rude comment. She must not respect herself to say something like this.

If I was from out of town person and saw this, I would say there is always a bad apple in Niles. We need to show we care about our town. Volunteering is a good way to know your town; Niles always needs help with the river front raft race.

As we moved into 2016, let’s show that we care and teach our kids respect and help others when needed.

Happy New Year to everyone.


Serita A. Mason