All hail the legislature

Published 9:42 am Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bravo legislature. Where else could a group of people come up with the brilliant idea to send armed visitors into our schools?

However, I don’t think they went far enough.

I think every school should be required to have a mini arsenal at the front door. Every visitor would be required to check out up to three weapons: a knife, glock, M-1, or AK 47, hand grenade, etc., upon entering the school.

They would also be told that they were the school’s first responders in the event of an untoward situation like Columbine or Sandy Hook. It would be their responsibility to save the day.

Further, the professional, trained first responders such as police and EMT personnel would not be allowed in the schools until a half hour after the last shot or bomb explodes. We don’t want armed visitors shooting professional personnel.

All hail the legislature. Where else gathers such a group of smart people, except perhaps at our colleges, wait; they educated those legislative members, maybe our colleges…. Boy, this really gives me something else to think about.


Terry Brenner