Broncos doing things a bit differently

Published 6:30 pm Friday, August 30, 2013

Western Michigan has handed out oars during fall camp depicting their "Row The Boat" mantra

Western Michigan has handed out oars during fall camp depicting their “Row The Boat” mantra

KALAMAZOO — In most programs across the country helmet stickers are handed out after each game for individual accomplishments — not at Western Michigan.

Head coach P.J. Fleck has shown throughout his time at WMU that this program will do things differently and that includes how team members receive accolades for exceptional plays, but these acknowledgements will not be delivered for individual success.  They won’t even be delivered during the season, they’ve already been handed out.

When the Broncos take the field at Michigan State tonight, their helmets will be adorned with stickers depicting crossed oars in honor of the team mantra of “Row the Boat.”

During fall camp Coach Fleck and the staff created a chart where each positional unit competed for helmet stickers.  The offense received helmet stickers in areas such as pre-snap discipline (no false starts, no illegal formations, etc.), 100 percent ball security (because the ball is the program) and elite effort.

The defense received stickers for the 100 percent pursuit drill, forcing turnovers and scoring on turnovers and elite efforts.  As a team stickers were delivered for the focus drill and trust.

If a player earned a sticker, he earned it for his entire positional unit, so if four wide receivers had 100 percent ball security, the entire unit earned four stickers each.

There were individual aspects to earning helmet stickers as after each practice an elite performer for offense, defense and special teams. If you were named an elite performer for a practice, his entire positional unit earned a helmet sticker.


Stickers by position

Defensive Backs – 60

Running Backs – 58

Quarterbacks – 57

Linebackers – 56

Wide Receivers – 56

Offensive Linemen – 55

Defensive Linemen – 54

Tight Ends – 53