Get scared silly at Legend Park

Published 9:32 am Friday, October 26, 2012

A guitar playing dead rocker found in Fear Itself at Legend Park's 13th Hour 4-D Amazement attraction. Submitted photo

Those looking for a good scare this Halloween season — or just an evening of unique thrills — might want to check out Fear Itself at Legend Park.

Located on McKinley Highway, just west of Capital Avenue in Mishawaka, Ind., Fear Itself at Legend Park features six walkthrough attractions, each with its own theme.

“It’s three to four hours of grand entertainment,” said Rick Singleton, president of Feart Itself at Legend Park. “We’ve had people drive in from as far as Seattle… fly in from Canada and London, England.”

Patrons can purchase access to a single attraction for between $15 and $19 depending on the day, or try them all for as little as $22.95 with a combo pass purchased online at

Fear Itself at Legend Park opens its gates at 7 p.m. It is open Oct. 26-27, and Oct. 30 through Nov. 3.

In its fifth year, Fear Itself offers six separate attractions: 13th Hour 4-D Amazement, Rock Monkey Caves, Colonel Hunsley’s Sinister Side Show, Cuckoo’s Nest, Sinister Circus, and the all-new Lost in the Woods. All are inside attractions except for Lost in the Woods.

Singleton said 13th Hour 4-D requires people to don 3-D glasses.

“With the sound and special effects, we call it 4-D,” he said. “It’s one of the largest 3-D attractions around. There are no scares — it is just music, lights and special effects.”

The Rock Monkey Caves are a unique attraction that took between six and nine months to build.

“We literally took the inside part of a building and turned it into caverns, catacombs and caves,” Singleton said. “It is very dark with some really cool effects in it.”

Cuckoo’s Nest is an insane asylum inspired attraction patterned after the famous movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

“We spent a long time and collected over 1,000 photos of insane asylums all over the world,” Singleton said. “When you look at it it’s so authentic it is amazing — right down to the smell.”

Sinister Circus is one of the world’s largest dark circuses, featuring more than 100 creepy, crazed and corrupt clowns.

Lost in the Woods is a spooky outdoor attraction and Colonel Hunsley’s Sinister Side Show features sword swallowing, fire breathing, glass eating and other mystifying oddities.