Don’t let summer travel inhibit healthy eating

Published 9:15 am Monday, May 21, 2012

For many, summer  means traveling, vacations, long car rides and plane trips. Long trips can lead to extra eating and not usually in a healthy manner. Many just eat out of boredom in an effort to pass the time, or you stopped to get gas and see treats or you walk past cinnamon rolls at the airport and you can’t resist.  There are ways to overcome these urges.

Driving to your destination

You’re driving and stop to get gasoline.  You are not hungry but once you walk into the rest stop you see all the inviting food just waiting for you to buy.  You buy it, get into the car, and next thing you know you have drank the 20-ounce pop and scarfed down that bag of potato chips.  Did you need to eat those junk food calories? – NO!  Not only do you not need those extra calories but that kind of food may end up making you tired while driving.  Instead of filling up on junk food at every rest stop think ahead.  Pack a cooler with healthy foods.  If you find yourself eating when you are not hungry or because you are bored, distract yourself.  Turn up the radio, sing a song.  Avoid that urge to eat just because you are bored – wait until you are hungry and save your waistline a few hundred calories.

Waiting for your flight to take off

You have one of those famous two-hour plane delays and nothing to do.  You start to walk to the restroom and you smell cinnamon rolls.  You tell yourself you don’t need it until someone walks past you eating one.  You give in and devour one.  Even if you are hungry remember those rolls will not fill you up for long.  Within an hour you will want another.  Instead of giving in, talk to yourself about avoiding the cinnamon rolls.  Use the restroom as planned and then go back to your bags.  Grab a pre-packed snack from your bag to curb that urge.  With all the extra time waiting for the plane, exercise by taking a walk.

During your flight

You’re on your three-hour flight and they are serving dinner (remember you have already had a couple bags of peanuts and pop).  Even though they may not give you much to eat what they do give you is not the healthiest.  Eat carefully or pass on the whole airplane meal.  If you are hungry eat your pre-packed snack such as a peanut butter sandwich, granola bar or baby carrots and drink water or juice.  The airplane meal, a few pops, and a couple bags of peanuts total over 1000 calories.  See if the plane has any type of healthy choice foods you could pick.

When you are traveling whether it is by car or plane, be prepared for those food urges.

People pack on extra pounds during vacation – you don’t want to start before you even get there.