Dowagiac in brief 10-17

Published 7:29 pm Sunday, October 16, 2011

Russom Park Committee meets Oct. 17, 7 p.m.

MDOT traffic counting

MDOT is planning on conducting non-trunkline traffic counts in the Dowagiac area this week.
Traffic counts are significant factors when determining street paving priorities and applying for grants. We look forward to getting the updated information.

Personal property tax
(PPT) legislation

Michigan legislative priorities are now focused on the PPT system and all signs point to major revisions to the system being made before the calendar year ends.
Lt. Gov. Brian Calley is reporting that the Snyder administration will unveil its plan to overhaul the personal property tax in a “couple weeks,” and indicated that the administration’s plan will focus on relief for industrial personal property while changes to commercial and utility personal property would wait.
While we don’t know what is meant by this statement, we do know that the City of Dowagiac is relying on PPT revenues as follows for the current fiscal year:
General Fund — $165,979.08
DART Fund — $6,449.97
Solid Waste Fund — $16,419.62
Total — $188,848.67
It is too early to predict what shape the legislation will take, but we will continue to monitor.

— City Manager Kevin P. Anderson