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Dowagiac man gets probation for using stolen credit card

A Dowagiac man owes one of his neighbors, and the state, some time and money for a recent spending spree using a stolen credit card. ... Read more

Dowagiac man jailed for using stolen credit card

Despite an extensive prior criminal record, a Dowagiac man will be given the opportunity to forgo another stint in prison after using a stolen credit ... Read more

Niles woman jailed for larceny

After receiving a nodding acknowledgement from the judge sitting above her, April King began reading the letter she had written in jail, acknowledging the mistakes ... Read more

Assault on officers lands one in prison

Brawling and death threats are among the actions that have landed a frequent Dowagiac offender back in prison. Cass County Circuit Judge Michael Dodge sentenced ... Read more

Dowagiac man sentenced to prison for physically abusing 3-month-old

A Dowagiac man faces a minimum of two years in prison for abusing his 3-month-old son. The injuries inflicted resulted in the child being taken ... Read more