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Dog census boosts call volume

ST. JOSEPH — Conducting the dog census, which is about 75 percent complete, meant three people answering as many as 163 calls a day, Berrien ... Read more

Perkins pleads Niles’ case

  ST. JOSEPH — A quarter of the population lives around the South County Building in the “immediate municipalities of Niles, Buchanan and Bertrand,” Niles ... Read more

Niles dispatcher honored

ST. JOSEPH — Two Berrien County dispatchers, Heather Ramsay of the Niles Police Department and Leslie Vincent of the county dispatch center, were honored Thursday ... Read more

Niles City Council blasts Berrien board

  Berrien County’s Aug. 9 discussion of options to address infrastructure needs of animal control and the health department looks like the opening salvo in ... Read more | 5 comments

County closing $3 million gap

ST. JOSEPH — Berrien County department heads will craft 2013 budget requests with “fiscal intensity” because “we’ve got a $3 million hill to climb in ... Read more

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