LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote Tyler, Weich for Berrien County

Published 12:10 pm Monday, July 8, 2024

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Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, I’ve worked for everything from bond issues to get-out-the-vote to local/state/national candidates since 2015. I’ve long admired County Clerk Sharon Tyler and County Treasurer Shelly Weich for how they manage their offices.

Sharon Tyler has run many elections over her 12 years and worked tirelessly to make our elections fair and secure. Her door is always open to the voting public for their questions and concerns. Likewise, Shelly Weich has safeguarded taxpayer dollars, opened her door for homeowners in distress, and given every resident the help and information they need.

Sharon Tyler will continue to listen to her constituents and make sure their voices are heard when elected to her new position as Berrien County Commissioner District 12 Niles. When re-elected, Shelly Weich will maintain integrity and efficiency in our County Treasurer’s Office. Vote for them.

Dr. Carla Johnson,