LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote Weich for County Treasurer

Published 11:32 am Friday, June 28, 2024

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Dear Editor,

Qualifications, experience, and results matter when we consider the person who will be holding the important role of Berrien County Treasurer.

That’s why many of the Treasurers in Berrien County local government have endorsed Treasurer Shelly Weich for re-election. Weich has served in the County Treasurer’s office with distinction for the last 17 years. She was originally brought in to check the residency status of second homeowners and brought in millions of dollars of support for our local schools.

Shelly Weich has continued programs to help taxpayers stay in their homes if they fall behind in their taxes, and she holds regular hours in local offices to help constituents. Weich is a leader in Michigan and has served on statewide organizations and is an expert on making sure our local officials know the latest law changes in Lansing.

Shelly Weich is the kind of fiscally responsible, accessible, and results oriented leader we need serving as the county’s banker as Treasurer.

That is why all of us have come together to support Shelly Weich for re-election. Join all of the treasurers in Berrien County in voting for Berrien County Treasurer with your absentee ballot or in the primary of August 6th.

David W. Kuhn

Chair-Berrien County Treasurer’s Association