LETTER TO THE EDITOR: George McManus a must for Drain Office

Published 3:00 pm Friday, June 14, 2024

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George is an absolute must and the perfect person to lead the County Drain  Office. George is an award winning farmer and soil expert, and a very successful  small business owner. The well respected and highly acclaimed Countryside  Academy, started by George and a few others, and has been led by George as  Chairman of the Board, is a testament to his Community Service and Business  Acumen. 

Of most importance, George is a decent human being who will use good judgment and common sense, and will be an excellent Public Servant. Drastic  change is needed in the Drain Office. The current occupant did not respond to  questions about invoices and charges to our Hagar Township residents, and in  fact, Hagar Township had to file 2 FOIA requests, Freedom of Information Act, for  simply asking to clarify why our Township and citizens were charged for drain  costs, when in most cases, there was no actual work on the drains. 70 percent of those  costs that were finally released, were paid to the out of town Attorney, Consultants, and “equipment rentals”. 

Our Hagar Township residents should not  have to pay drain taxes when a majority of the charges do nothing to clean the  drains. When we requested further clarification, the occupant, through the County Corporate Counsel, had the gall to demand that our citizens pay fees to the Drain Office to do their job, employees who are on the County payroll. If you are a Township resident in Berrien County and there is a drain charge on your Winter Tax Bill, most likely it’s for attorneys and consultants. Don’t believe me, call the Drain Office and ask what the charges are for. 

George’s proven track record of successes guarantees George will solve problems as cost-effectively as possible, will return your calls, answer your questions and will not create super drain districts which are extremely costly and not needed. Vote for McManus on August 6 to bring back accountability, accessibility, honor,  and most of all, good public service.  

Izzy DiMaggio, 

Hagar Township