Published 5:00 am Friday, May 10, 2024

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Sometimes clarity which comes from looking back at decades of opportunities and decisions, helps you understand who and what made you, and got you to where you are.

As a Brandywine alumnus, I can confidently say that I was presented unique opportunities, with near-perfect market-ready timing, which helped to start my career path. Brandywine had an exceptional computer-centered curriculum decades ago, when the majority of homes didn’t own a personal computer. My individual interest and abilities, fostered first by my family and educators, was paramount. Coupling this support, with Brandywine’s exceptional curriculum and their counselor’s measured suggestions for affordable, local, secondary education – handed me a decisive career path. 

My very first exposure to “computers” was playing Oregon Trail at BCS Elementary. But playing computer games quickly yielded to a matured high school curriculum – resolving my interest and steering my path, ultimately giving a way for my wife and I to financially provide for our young family.

The CTE center that will be built resulting from the recent passage of the zero mill increase bond extension – will directly and indirectly impact current, and yet-to-be Bobcats. In a time of rising college tuition, and the breakneck pace of competition – It’s not just word play to say that this bond supports and enriches the community. It’s not just “continued taxes”. It’s people. It’s people’s lives. It’s people’s futures. If we don’t continue to invest in the youngest in our community – we can’t call ourselves a community at all. Voters got this message, and gave a 2 to 1 victory for OUR community. Take it from someone who grew up HERE, who lives HERE, and who’s ready to support OUR next generations through Brandywine’s offerings. WE are the stakeholders. WE are the community. It’s a GREAT day to BE a Bobcat! Let’s roll.
Ryan Adams

-Brandywine graduate, parent, community member