WATCH: Dowagiac schools tabs Blomgren as new superintendent

Published 6:46 pm Friday, March 22, 2024

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DOWAGIAC — Dowagiac has its new superintendent.

When the dust settled, St. Joseph High School Principal and former Dowagiac teacher and coach Greg Blomgren was offered the position following the final round of interviews Thursday. Leader Publications was on hand throughout the interview process. Here are some highlights from Blomgren’s Thursday interview:

After discussing what his first 90 days in the role of superintendent would look like, Blomgren shared a fun story of his relationship with former Dowagiac standout Caleb Murphy:

Blomgren was asked about student retention and attracting students to the district.

“I think the CTE program is one of those things that is really beginning to set itself apart in the school community and could potentially work as a way to recruit and bring in more families to the district.”

Blomgren was asked to speak about what in-class innovation looks like to him.

“What tips, tricks and strategies can we provide and build in our teachers so they have the maximum capacity to reach each and every one of our kids every day?”

Given his previous stint in the district, Blomgren was asked about how he would handle having tough conversations with people he has established relationships with.

“I think there’s a professional and personal relationship that exists when you become a leader. … Having that relationship only builds the capacity to have a more respectful conversation about what that concern is.”

Blomgren was asked to describe his strengths, weaknesses and areas where he can improve and grow.

“I bring humility to the table. I’m not afraid to admit a mistake, I own that mistake. I think that’s a huge characteristic of leadership.”

Blomgren’s response to how he would address staff/bus driver shortages.

“They’re often the very first person our students, parents and visitors see. We want to value them, support them and spend time with them so they know they’re valued and that they’re cared about.”

Blomgren makes his closing statement.

“I feel strongly about coming back here. This is not a step for me, I would end my career here, if provided the opportunity, in this district. I look forward to the opportunity.”