Dowagiac schools celebrate February Students of the Month

Published 12:38 pm Wednesday, March 20, 2024

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DOWAGIAC — Six local students have been selected for recognition by teachers and faculty for their outstanding performance in school this February.

Nominated by teachers and faculty from their respective schools in the Dowagiac Union Schools district, Lilia Trzebunia, Henry Glynn, Victoria Biggs, Keli Myers, Guadalupe Brito and Francine Forburger received plaques and T-shirts with their names on them for their accomplishments and attitudes in the classroom.

Brito is a junior at Dowagiac Union High School and was nominated by Earth Science teacher Amy Hackett. She loves playing soccer and reading and her family is important to her. After graduating, Brito plans to attend Lake Michigan College before transferring to Grand Valley State University where she wants to become a registered nurse in order to serve her community back home.

Guadalupe is an amazing student in the classroom,” Hackett said. “She is extremely respectful, responsible, kind and considerate of all of her peers in the classroom. She is very dedicated to all of her school work and does everything with the utmost fidelity. She values what we do in each and every single lesson and takes her learning very seriously. She’s sure to do everything as neatly and correctly as possible and I really appreciate all of her effort and kindness in the classroom.”

Trzebunia is a seventh grade student at the middle school. This is her first year in the district and she said what she likes most about the school is how nice the building is. She also said there are a lot of nice people here and that she has made a lot of very good friends. Trzebunia’s favorite class at DMS is art with teacher Andrea Hatter because she really loves and enjoys the project-based atmosphere and working at her own pace completing her own art.

Trzebunia was nominated by Media Literacy teacher Meredith Marrs.

“It has been a pleasure having her in my class and getting to know her this year,” she said. “Lilia may be quiet, but her actions speak louder than words. We talk about our students being Chieftain Heroes and I feel that Lilia demonstrates these behaviors by coming to class prepared, being actively engaged in their learning and going above and beyond in the classroom and at home with her assignments. She also is very respectful to her peers and the staff here at DMS every day.”
Forburger is a kindergartener at Kincheloe Elementary and was nominated by her teacher, Melissa McDonald. Her favorite thing about school is reading nonfiction stories about animals and especially likes to learn about “animals that can hurt you.” She wants to learn more about butterflies, next. When she grows up, she wants to become a teacher because she likes to learn new things and tell others about what she knows.

“Frankie was chosen as our student of the month because she is a leader and always willing to help her peers and adults,” McDonald said. “I know that if I ever have to be out, Frankie will be able to be my sub. Frankie is a positive role model for the students in her classroom by making good choices. She represents every aspect of what we look for and Chieftain Hero.”

Glenn is a kindergartener at Justus Gage Elementary and was nominated by his teacher, Nan Roach. His favorite thing about school is recess and he enjoys playing on the jungle gym. When he grows up, he would like to be a police officer because he wants to keep our community safe.

“Henry is a very hard-working student every day,” Roach said. “He is helpful to everyone, he interacts with teachers, students and anyone in the school that will talk with them. He is a caring friend and will play with anyone who needs a friend. If you look like you need somebody, Henry is there. He has the greatest stories to tell and a great sense of humor that can make the whole class laugh and laugh. He follows directions and encourages others to be on task as well. He is always willing to try new things and he does his best to learn what is expected. This is very important and his scores continue to improve on his assessments and it’s showing how he pays attention.”

Myers is a kindergartener at Sister Lakes Elementary and was nominated by her teacher, Tera Reinhart. She likes to play soccer, which she plays every day at recess. Reinhart said she chose Myers for Student of The Month because of her growth in the classroom.

“She has worked very hard this year to improve her academics and her demeanor toward school,” Reinhart said. “At the beginning of the school year, Keely was very quiet and reserved. She seemed unsure about wanting to be at school. Now, Keely is one of the first kindergartners to answer questions and is always eager to participate. She has shown great growth in all of her assessments. She follows directions without reminders and is a great example to all her classmates. She is kind, a great friend and very helpful. She has many friends at school and she does not hesitate to get started on her classwork as she tries her best on all assignments.

“I can always count on Keely to come to school and be ready to learn. I am so proud of all her accomplishments this year and the improvements that she has made in her attitude towards school.”

Biggs is a kindergartener at Patrick Hamilton Elementary and was nominated by her teacher, Cindy Brinker. Her favorite class is reading and her favorite book is “Snowflake.” When she grows up, Biggs would like to be a firefighter.

“Victoria is a great example of a kindergarten hero,” Brinker wrote. She is always helpful and she helps her classmates and her teachers. She is kind to others and respectful of their feelings. She is often complimented at her kindness, she works hard on her classwork and does a great job of taking care of her materials and class through classroom supplies. She’s very responsible. She shows a great desire to learn and succeed, which is evident by her tremendous achievement in her nwea and I ready goals. She has flown past. All of those, what we have set as a district and her stretch goals. Great job girly. She works very diligently and is sure to make sure that she understands all of her assignments.

“She is orderly and safe at all times and works hard to follow the school rules. She’s a joy to have in the classroom.”