Five win titles at Three Rivers regional

Published 12:47 pm Wednesday, February 7, 2024

THREE RIVERS — The Buchanan powerlifting team finished tied for ninth at the Three Rivers regional meet Saturday.

The host Wildcats won with 87 points, while Edwardsburg was the runner-up wit 64 points. The Bucks finished the meet with 25 points.

Buchanan’s Faith Bartley won the 155-pound class with a total weight lifted of 730. Bartley had a squat of 265, bench press of 135 and a dead lift of 330.

Edwardsburg’s Delaney Sousley won the 105-pound division with a total weight lifted of 750. Sousley had a squad of 305, a bench of 145 and a dead lift of 300.

The Eddies’ Jenna Reese also took first place as she captured the 242-pound division. Reese had a squad of 300, a bench press of 120 and a dead lift of 300 for a total of 720 pounds.

Edwardsburg’s Zoe Ianello was second with 595 pounds lifted in the 140 class, Emma Gaudemer was third with 565 pounds lifted in the 165 class, Buchanan’s Brooke Strefling was fourth in the 181 class with 600 pounds lifted, Buchanan’s Geneva Tabor was fifth in the 220 class with 400 pounds lifted and Edwardsburg’s Adelina Garcia third in the SHW class with 695 pounds lifted.

Edwardsburg’s Tori Cole was sixth in the 155-pound class with 485 pounds lifted

The Dowagiac JV lifting team finished fourth behind Grass Lake, Ionia and Lawton. Buchanan placed 17th.

The Chieftains’ Elena Murray won the 132-pound division with a total of 430 pounds lifted. She had a squat of 150, a bench press of 65 and a dead lift of 215 pounds. Dowagiac’s Elizabeth Shaer won the 181-pound class with a total weight of 585 pounds. She had a squat of 230, a bench press of 120 and a dead lift of 235 pounds.

Dowagiac’s Bree Behnke was fourth in the same division with 525 pounds lifted, while Buchanan’s Lillian Wegener was seventh with 450 pounds lifted.