LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Niles road conditions

Published 12:57 pm Wednesday, December 27, 2023

  1. If you read the 52-page MDOT US12/M51 study – December 2019 done on this project, a few things to ponder. On page 19, it shows the accident data of US12 and 3rd Street intersections had 39 of the 85 total crashes, which is 45 percent. Now we’re making another intersection at M51, how can this be safer than a new overpass?
  2. At a whopping $27 million for this project, I think we could have a nice new bridge for half that money.
  3. Travel from Fort Street north to Main Street has got to be the worst paved road in our area. It’s a sad reflection on new travelers coming into our great state from the south and having this be the first welcome they receive.

Thomas Spain,