Edwardsburg Villlage President reflects on 2023, looks ahead to 2024

Published 9:17 am Tuesday, December 26, 2023

EDWARDSBURG — Edwardsburg Village President Dennis Peak is proud of the success of the village this year and hopeful for the future going into the new year.

Peak, who has served for ten years on the Village Council, with three of them as President, put much of the credit for the success of Edwardsburg on the generosity of the community and the efforts of local groups, such as the Uptown Improvement Association and the local Chamber of Commerce. He noted that such groups are more active than they have been in the past, assisting the village by bringing events to the community and by helping to beautify the area for both residents and visitors.

Peak noted multiple projects, such as the mural by local artist Christopher Stackowicz on the grain mill at the corner of Elkhart Road and M-62. The art, which reflects village history, was commissioned by the UIA and paid for with donations from residents and local businesses. The UIA was also responsible for the All Aboard Project, which helped clean up and beautify along railroad tracks with plants, trees, and landscaping.

2023 also brought the long-awaited construction start of the new Iron filtration plant, which is planned to be completed and put into commission in 2024. The 30-month project saw a number of hurdles and took two years of work on licensing and funding, but a building is finally in the works, with the roof being actively completed. Once operating, it will filter iron from the local water system, which will be better for equipment and home appliances and plumbing.

“It’s going to be really positive for the people in the village,” said Peak.

2023 brought many events to Edwardsburg, such as the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run visit, the renovation of the Gateway Shopping Center, the progress on the new library planned for Cass County and the activities at the Edwardsburg Sports Complex.

“It’s so exciting to see new businesses and new growth not just in the village but in the nearby communities,” he said.

Peak explained the work of the village as a balancing act between growth, without changing Edwardsburg too much. He described it as an ideal home, a rural town with lakes and natural beauty, but still only a short drive to cities like Niles, Elkhart and South Bend.

In 2024, Peak hopes to see more vacant buildings and properties filled with exciting new businesses. He also plans to continue to pursue the dream of renovations for Gunn Park. Though the village did not receive the grant toward the project this year, he still aims to find methods for the eventual upgrade and additions of playground facilities, a pavilion, and a pier.

“I’m excited with all of the progress that’s going on in Edwardsburg over the past few years and going into 2024,” he said.