APPLEGATE: Helping Build, Nurture and Guide our Learners – Thank You to All Niles Community Schools Staff

Published 1:00 pm Wednesday, November 29, 2023

November has long been identified as a month of recognition, celebration and expressing thanks to those we appreciate. We hope that all our students and staff enjoyed their Thanksgiving festivities and were able to share their gratitude with the people they hold dear. As we finish up this month and approach the end of a successful first semester, Niles Community Schools would also like to share its gratitude for the many impactful members of our team and take a moment to highlight the importance of their contributions to the achievement and well-being of our learners.

Niles teachers and instructional assistants are the heart of our district and the driving force behind student achievement, helping convey valuable lessons and necessary life skills while fostering curiosity and creativity in our youngest members of society. By providing a safe and constructive space for students to grow mentally, socially and emotionally, our teachers have a positive impact on both our students’ lives and our community as a whole.

Similarly, the coaching staff, directors of the arts and club sponsors at each school in our district provide valuable guidance for our students. Regardless of the sport or extracurricular activity, the adults leading these help our students learn teamwork, discipline and perseverance, all while promoting physical, social and emotional balance and well-being. Many of the skills students acquire while participating in extracurricular activities can be put into practice on and off the field, and our supportive staff is there to answer any questions, every step of the way.

When it comes to proficiency, organizational skills and exceptional work ethic, our secretaries play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of our schools. From managing

administrative tasks with precision to providing invaluable support to both staff and parents, their hard work does not go unnoticed. Their contributions create an atmosphere of professionalism and warmth within our school community and their diligence significantly contributes to the success of our educational endeavors.

Another invaluable team at Niles Community Schools are those called into action well before the first bell rings: bus drivers and food service providers. The health and safety of our students is our number one priority, and while every member of our district helps to accomplish this mission, our bus drivers and those who prepare food are the guiding light and source of nourishment for our students. As some of the first people students see throughout our day, they contribute to the overall sense of community that we strive to encourage for both our students and the city of Niles.

Another group of heroes at each of our Niles schools is the hardworking custodial and maintenance staff. Our custodians and maintenance workers play a crucial role in sustaining a safe and efficient environment for both students and staff – a contribution essential to the well-being of our district.

Whether it’s before school begins, while class is in session or after the final bell rings, the key members of our team take exceptional pride in keeping the school building healthy, clean and safe.

Lastly, we’d like to shine a light on the many school counselors and behavior specialists who assist Niles Community Schools’ students. Niles counselors help students decide the appropriate courses to take to achieve their desired goals in the classroom, guide them through social or emotional challenges and help grow from their experiences, and provide planning assistance for students interested in attending college or post-secondary careers. In every interaction, our counselors set our students up for long-term success.

Thank you to all members of the Niles Community Schools staff. Every member of our professional and diverse team is an invaluable asset to the overall success of the district and plays a part in the complete educational experience our students deserve. We deeply appreciate all the hard work and dedication that each faculty member has given. Your efforts are the driving force behind creating a positive and supportive school environment. Please enjoy the remaining weeks of 2023, and as always, Go Vikes!