Suspended Buchanan City Manager issues statement

Published 3:40 pm Tuesday, November 28, 2023

BUCHANAN – Embattled Buchanan City Manager Benjamin Eldridge has broken his silence on the allegations against him. Eldridge was suspended with pay in early November after over 40 alleged grievances were filed against him.

A special meeting on Eldridge’s future has been scheduled for 6 p.m. today, Wednesday, at the Buchanan City Hall. The special meeting has been described as a one “to consider the employment status of the City Manager”.  Eldridge was suspended with pay in early November.

Mayor Sean Denison said the meeting will be open and Eldridge will be given the chance to speak about the 42 allegations made against him by staff employees. Eldridge’s supporters have said that staff made the allegations in retaliation for his cost cutting efforts to balance the budget.

Tuesday, Eldridge broke his silence on the situation.

“I am writing to address and refute the false and slanderous allegations made against me by certain individuals working at City Hall and Mayor Sean Denison,” he wrote.

“As a dedicated and professional employee, I am deeply concerned that these unfounded allegations became public and their potential impact on my family, reputation, and my career. I have cooperated fully with the investigation and provided any additional information or documents that were required.”

Eldridge said he will be in attendance at Wednesday’s special meeting. He said he will make himself available to the media to answer any questions. Among other things, he said he has the zoom recorded question and answer session between Sean Denison, the city attorney, his attorney and himself.

He said he will provide video from the city hall security cameras “showing staff goofing off and acting inappropriately while on the clock” as well as emails between himself and Denison concerning city staff. He said he will also recount conversations between himself and city hall staff about the long history of chaos at city hall.

Eldridge said he remains appreciative and humbled by the community’s support.

Eldridge’s suspension has set off a chain reaction of events in the city. Recall wording has been filed against Denison and Denison has made four complaints against City Commissioner Dan Vigansky asking for Vigansky’s censure.

A clarity hearing will be held next Monday, Dec. 4 at 1 p.m. at the St. Joseph courthouse on the Denison recall effort. The wording reads “City Commissioner Sean Denison suspended Benjamin Eldridge as the Buchanan City Manager”.

A date for the complaint hearing against Vigansky has not been set.