Dowagiac schools celebrate October Students of the Month

Published 1:00 pm Friday, November 24, 2023

DOWAGIAC — Six local students have been selected for recognition by teachers and faculty for their outstanding performance in school this October.

Nominated by teachers and faculty from their respective schools in the Dowagiac Union Schools district, Sophia Hemenway, Sylis Gallegos, Brennan Siegel, Amelia Bakeman, Hayden Bridges and Lila Grant received plaques and T-shirts with their names on them for their accomplishments and attitudes in the classroom.

Bakeman is a junior at Union High and is involved in school activities and organizations including National Honor Society, student Senate Rotary Interact, Chieftain Heart, Varsity, Cheer and Environmental Club. Outside of school, she’s in competition dance and she also teaches dance classes. 

“I nominated Amelia because she comes in every morning with a very positive attitude, a smile on her face and she is kind to absolutely everybody,” said DUHS Teacher Amy Hackett. “No matter what’s going on that day, you can always count on her to liven the mood and cheer people up. Her willingness to get involved and take on leadership roles is a great asset to our building as well. Even though she has an extremely busy schedule and a heavy workload, she’s learning really well how to prioritize those things so that she can do amazing things for herself, our school and our district.”

Grant is a seventh grader at Dowagiac Middle School. Her favorite class at DMS is band with Mr. Johnson. She loves playing her trumpet with her classmates and making music with others to listen and enjoy. Grant was nominated by STEM teacher Carie Wirick.

“Lila is a wonderful student,” she said. “She is always respectful and completes her assignments on time and with the utmost care. She also is a model student who lends help to others when they need it. Lila is a joy to have in class and I expect she will be a success at anything she sets her mind to accomplish.”

Siegel is a student at Kincheloe Elementary. His favorite subject is math and he is actively involved in soccer, baseball and basketball. He looks up to his dad and hopes to follow in his footsteps and become an engineer someday.

“Brennan Siegel embodies the qualities of a Dowagiac hero and we are proud to celebrate his accomplishments. He has a role model for his peers and a shiny example of what it means to be an outstanding student and a valued member of our school community.”

Hemingway is a fourth grade student at Sister Lakes Elementary. She enjoys gaming and said she’s thinking of being a YouTuber when she grows up. Hemingway enjoys music and reading at school.

“I chose Sophia as our October student of the month because she’s very responsible, hard-working and she works quietly and focused during all of our lessons. She’s always following directions and following along. Sophia is kind, respectful and very well mannered. She is a model Chieftain Hero. This makes her an absolute pleasure to have in class and I am so proud of this young lady.”

Gallegos is a fourth grade student at Patrick Hamilton. 

“Silas had a big heart. Selfless, caring and hard-working are just a few ways to describe what a great student he is. He cares about his peers and his schoolwork, he always gives his best effort in class. He’s a great listener and always willing to contribute. He’s a friend to all and offers a helping hand to any student or teacher in need. It is an honor to have Silas Gallegos represent Patrick Hamilton Student of The Month.”

Bridges is a student at Justus Gage Elementary. Her favorite subject is math and she would like to be a veterinarian someday. She plays volleyball, softball and basketball, with volleyball being her favorite sport.

“She’s always respectful and kind each and every day. She never talks out in class, unless it’s her turn to participate in the class discussion, she needs something or has something to say she will raise her hand. She’s a very hard worker and she’s a friend to everyone.”