Buchanan Middle School teachers named to Iconic Michigan Teacher Fellowship Project

Published 4:45 pm Monday, November 13, 2023

BUCHANAN — Buchanan Community Schools announced Monday that Buchanan Middle School teachers Monica Luke (7th grade Social Studies) and Erin Kratky (Technology), have applied and been invited to participate with other 6-12th grade teachers across Michigan to bring media literacy, storytelling, and critical creativity into their classroom with PBS and the Michigan Learning Channel.

From the Michigan Learning Channel website, the Iconic Michigan Teacher Fellowship Project is an opportunity for middle and high school educators across Michigan to learn from and use content from the PBS series Iconic America, be a part of developing new content based on teaching experiences, and support student-led learning as they incorporate learning into community storytelling and media production projects.

BMS Teachers Mrs. Luke and Mrs. Kratky will get to participate in virtual professional learning and community building meetups throughout the school year, share Iconic America content in their classrooms, provide feedback to help create new content for publication on PBS LearningMedia, a one-day trip to a Michigan PBS station, as well as implement a digital storytelling project in their classroom that utilizes provided media toolkits. They will also have the opportunity to publish educational content and be featured in programming across PBS platforms.

Superintendent Patricia Robinson and Buchanan Middle School Principal Shelby Beasley share in their enthusiasm.

“We applaud and celebrate the dedication and innovation of Buchanan Middle School Teachers, Monica Luke and Erin Kratky, for their commitment to advancing education through the Iconic Michigan Teacher Fellowship Project. Their selection to participate with PBS and the Michigan Learning Channel is a testament to their passion for enhancing students; learning experiences. As they embark on this exciting journey, we extend our wholehearted support. The impact of their efforts will undoubtedly resonate far beyond the school walls, enriching the educational landscape for both current and future students.”