‘It feels like home’: Fork in the Road hosts ribbon-cutting ceremony

Published 5:42 pm Thursday, November 9, 2023

BUCHANAN — Buchanan’s newest restaurant business hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday afternoon complete with food, drinks and snacks.

Fork in the Road, 111 Main St., Buchanan, opened its doors to the community in August and has garnered a faithful following in the weeks since. The “mom and pop” breakfast/lunch restaurant – founded by Tony and Tiffanee Houser – is open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday. Fork in the Road features breakfast and lunch items such as biscuits and gravy, gyros, scrambles, pancakes, french toast, chicken and waffles as well as a Sunday buffet.

“We’ve really focused on breakfast to begin with because we kind of wanted to knock it out of the park and just get our feet wet,” Tony said. “We spend countless hours here getting ready and just coming in and putting on a smile and just trying to serve the best product we can. We focus on quality more than trying to get everything out. We want everyone to come, sit, have a good time, feel welcome and feel at home. This place looks like it’s somebody’s living room; you walk in and feel at home here.

“This is pretty awesome. This is 22 years in the making for me starting in the culinary world and coming to fruition with my own place.”

After opening speeches from Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Brandon DeJaynes and Tony Houser, chamber members and the Housers cut the ceremonial ribbon. Dozens in attendance were invited inside to tour the new restaurant, tour the space and eat snacks.

“I’m very happy; this kind of solidifies that we’re part of the community in a way and it’s just nice to have so much diversity and being able to have more options to eat in town,” Tiffanee said. “Business begets businesses and having a lot of other businesses here is awesome.”

“It’s really nice to see another storefront filled here, especially with such a popular restaurant,” said Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Brandon DeJaynes. “I think we’re all excited for what’s to come here.”

The building was formerly home to the event space The Meeting House. Instead of overhauling the space to install a kitchen, the Housers purchased a food truck and installed it directly behind the building, allowing them to bring food inside while keeping the homey atmosphere of the space intact.

“The cost of building a restaurant is pretty expensive,” Tony said. “We bought a food trailer and rented out this space and turned it into a restaurant. It’s almost like an instant restaurant.”

Tony and Tiffanee appreciate the community’s support of their culinary endeavor.

“It’s super awesome to be in a small community,” Tony said. “I’m from a bigger area and you don’t get noticed as much if you don’t get to speak to the same people all the time. This is a real down to earth community where you get to know your neighbors and so it’s pretty awesome to see this come to fruition after 22 years.”

Tiffanee is looking forward to building her business with her family.

“We want to create something for (our daughter), a legacy for her,” Tiffanee said. “Everybody’s been so positive and just outpouring of awesome things. Everybody’s so kind. It’s just amazing, there’s really no words.”

Fork in the road is partnering with Cotton Gin Smokers to offer Thanksgiving dinner kits. 

“We want to get our name out there and see what we can do to help people make their holiday dinners and functions easier,” he said.

For information on the dinner kits, menu items or other inquiries, contact Fork in the Road at (219), 801-5374.