Applegate: The academic value of a positive parent-school connection

Published 11:15 am Wednesday, October 25, 2023

For the majority of the year, students spend each weekday dividing their daytime between home with their loving families and school with its dedicated teaching staff. That’s why a strong, positive relationship between families and schools is an essential factor in student achievement, helping to strengthen academics, improve behavior and cultivate enthusiasm for education. With this year’s first round of parent-teacher conferences kicking off in November, the team at Niles Community Schools would like to remind the community of the importance of the school-family partnership.

When families and teachers identify the struggles that children have in the classroom and share that information with each other, we can find solutions together. Teachers are well-equipped with years of experience and training to support students on their academic journeys, and working with a student’s family allows them to tailor their teaching efforts to that student. 

Similarly, a student’s social and emotional development has a direct influence on their success at school. When families and teachers maintain an open line of communication, both sides can reinforce the important values and social skills that are integral to student development. While this helps students build learning skills necessary for educational growth, it also goes beyond the demands of the classroom and assists students with their personal evolution into well-rounded, socially and emotionally secure individuals.

On a more holistic level, developing a pattern of high-quality connectivity between family and school helps set a healthy standard within the district, promoting a practice that inevitably benefits every student. When parents are active within their school district, it can lead to valuable parent-teacher relationships, volunteer opportunities and a greater sense of engagement among all members of our community.

The Niles Community School district has additional resources for parents to help them connect with our educators and faculty, ultimately boosting our students’ academic achievement. Recently, we held a parent night for families interested in the Title I offerings we have available, which are designed to give students the skillset necessary to meet the expectations of their grade level. Throughout the year, we will continue to host similar events for parents to learn more about the resources available to them and the different ways they can help their child succeed.

Parent-teacher conferences begin in just a few days, starting on Wednesday, November 1 and running through Thursday, November 2. If you have not scheduled your conference yet, please contact your child’s teacher or the school’s front desk. Of course, our teachers and staff are willing to discuss your child’s education at any time of the year, so if you ever need anything, do not hesitate to reach out. 

Niles is dedicated to making sure our students have the best chances to succeed, and a great way to do so is by making sure their support systems, both at school and at home, are interconnected. We thank all the devoted families who serve as active members in this important partnership. We hope to see you next week, and as always, Go Vikes!