Niles District Library hosts ribbon-cutting for capital improvement projects

Published 7:00 pm Friday, October 20, 2023

NILES — Community members gathered at the Niles District Library Tuesday to celebrate the completion of multiple facility projects.

The library hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its five-year Special Capital Improvements Project.

The Niles District Library, which serves the city of Niles and Niles Charter Township, saw a five-year millage pass in November 2018. The five-year millage was for 25 cents per $1,000 of taxable value. Funding from the millage helped to cover the cost of roof repairs and major renovations to lighting, elevators and the bathrooms, including making them disability compliant.

“The community was generous enough to allow us to upgrade our building and provide a beautiful building that is energy efficient and going to be a benefit to this community for quite some time to come,” said NDL Director Steve Compoe. “We’ve got some boards up here that can show you what we have accomplished since 2019. It has involved everything from roofing to LED lighting to energy controls, security improvements and other things. We are grateful for this.”

A brief summary of capital improvement projects is listed below.


  • A new central roof was installed. Originally Installed in 1998, the roof, even with regular maintenance and patching, suffered from overgrowth and pooling that impacted its structural integrity.”
  • Installed HVAC efficiency controls


  • In the midst of lockdown, NDL was able to update the east end bathrooms – near the Rotunda – making them accessible for all patrons by bringing them up to ADA standards.


  • Doors replaced with updated locks for improved security and safety
  • The removal and repaving of the front lot and the resurfacing of the back lot.
  • Added higher visibility signage, had parking lot lines repainted for better visibility and accessibility.
  • New carpet installed to provide a cohesive look across the building.


  • Fire alarm system replacement
  • Cleaning and and sealing the interior property sidewalks, demolition and repouring of the back steps and small retaining walls
  • Installation of digital Main Street sign
  • The main floor lighting was upgraded to LED lighting


  • Book collection outfitted with Radio Frequency Identification tags
  • Elevator modernization project. This includes new finishings, an updated operational system, and overall increase in safety for patrons and staff.