LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In support of Brandywine school board

Published 3:00 pm Friday, September 22, 2023

I have been attending, and speaking at, the meetings of the Brandywine Board of Education. The recent letter to the editor of the Star sent in by Kristina Smith is full of complaints against the new Brandywine School Board. But her complaints are mere whining about having lost power over the Board, since it now has a majority of conservatives who were elected by a clear margin to keep our school students free from LGBT indoctrination, as well as lewd and sexually explicit books. Ms. Smith states that the Board is only interested in doing things their way, but that is exactly what the Board was elected to do! Ms. Smith is angry that radicals no longer have control over the school and that they lost the power to bring in materials to indoctrinate the children in overt LGBT. Well, elections have consequences.

She states the Board has no interest in compromising with the minority of teachers and board members who want these controversial materials in the libraries, but the Board did make a compromise when they did propose to not remove them, but to leave them in the library, behind the desk, available for a parent to look over online and sign a slip if she still wants her child to have access to a particular book. These books are NOT Tom Sawyer, folks. They are books sneaked in over the years as “donated.” The School Administrator, Scott Walker, did state at the most recent meeting that there has been no interest in the books after they were put behind the desk and labeled unfit for Jr and Sr. High reading. (Although personally I don’t see why any decent parent or school board member would want her child to read such shocking and disgusting materials, nor would she think they could be helpful in any way to a vulnerable child. If a parent thinks her child is mature enough to be exposed to adult materials, she can buy them, read them, and provide them to her child in her home herself.)

Smith also complains that the Board President does not let the Superintendent do his job (the way she wants him to), but the superintendent is employed by the Board, not the other way around. The Board tells him what to do, and this order of authority has to be maintained.

Brenda Beadenkopf