LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Brandywine Board Meets Sept. 25 and Oct. 16, Freedom is up for votes

Published 3:00 pm Friday, September 22, 2023

Brandywine’s explicit content policy has a vote on Sept 25th: My opinion on why it is misguided, follows.

Articles and stories have covered the topic. Divisive words about our district have attracted attention from a self-proclaimed, non-fiction journalist: One who took the opportunity to label and discredit educators, administrators, alumni – and at least one other outside our district. Maybe the video of this non-fiction journalist talking about having a job to take down “certain” educators, was one Facebook-share too far.

This Facebook group, which brings Brandywine Alumni, Parents and Educators for Educational Freedom, together, is focused on bringing all stakeholders to the table, not just those that labeled themselves as “We”. Our group is private, but nearly all are welcome.

A restricted book is a restriction on printed words, on the ability to read a viewpoint, and restriction on free-thinking. Consequences of the restricted viewpoint will never be considered; this is a ban of ideas. What a group of 4 or more find explicit, or otherwise – could change with the winds of time – and certainly has. But the practice of idea-banning will have taken hold.

Freedom itself, in time –  could be taboo, once again – dare I say “explicit or violent”.

Freedom itself could be restricted, banned, burned, as in the past.

I write to give voice to freedom. Will you join? Do parents ultimately raise their children? Sure. But, do those same parents dictate to a teenager on the precipice of adulthood, what they can THINK, how they can FEEL, what they may LEARN? Maybe so, at Brandywine. After this vote – parents will likely be compelled to approve the very words read by their near-adult child – within public education. Until an 18th birthday, this restriction will be in place, by default.

The movement against unfettered freedom, beginning here at 1700 Bell Rd, on Sept 25 at 6:30pm – may reverberate within its walls until echoes reach far shores of the USA, years in our collective childrens’ future. This future that no longer loves Freedom, no longer loves Democracy, no longer has a Republic, will not be “We the People”. Alas, 2 of the 3 words in that phrase “We the People”, which found a new home in 2022, includes the word “Parents”; But not ALL parents – for I am one. They will have succeeded at abridging future freedom. That is unless the rest of “we” – stops it from happening.

Ryan Adams

in-district lifelong resident, alumnus, parent of graduate and parent of active student