MEC provides door decals to Cass Kickstart

Published 3:55 pm Friday, August 25, 2023

CASSOPOLIS — Thanks to Midwest Energy and Communications, Cassopolis area businesses will be able to proudly exhibit their support for Cass Kickstart to Careers on their entrance doors.

Last year MEC, along with several other local businesses made a five-year financial support pledge to Cass Kickstart. Recently, Amy Pales, Director, Corporate Communications and Marketing, contacted board member Becky More and asked if Cass Kickstart would be interested in door decals for local businesses and offered to have MEC create them. MEC Graphic Designer, Morgan Adams, designed the decals.

Cass Kickstart to Careers is an IRS recognized 501(c )(3) organization founded in 2019.  

“Cass Kickstart was organized to create, promote, support, and fund child savings accounts for students of Cassopolis Public Schools,” said board member Ruth Andrews. “We work in conjunction with Cassopolis Public Schools to provide an environment that sends a message to all students that they have the potential and the support needed for academic success and economic mobility.”

This September Cass Kickstart will add its fifth class of kindergarten students.  An initial $25 interest-bearing child savings account is opened for each incoming student.  Students and families are then encouraged to add to those accounts through “First Thursday Deposit Days”.  As the child matures incentives are added for classroom work completed as well.  Additional financial literacy and incentives are provided as the students progress from Kindergarten through graduation.

“Collectively as of June 30 we have 230 students in the program and their individual accounts now total $20,917,” said President Margie Yarger. “Statistics tell us that even a small amount of savings can make a big difference.  Low and moderate-income children with less than $500 designated for college are three times more likely to enroll and 4 times more likely to graduate with a post-secondary degree, certificate or trade than children without a savings account.”

Readers interested in becoming a supporter of Cass Kickstart can contact a board member at  Additional information can be found at