Buchanan exhibitors share Berrien County Youth Fair experiences

Published 8:00 am Friday, August 18, 2023

BUCHANAN — A trio of Buchanan exhibitors are enjoying another year of making Berrien County Youth Fair memories.

Cora Weinberg, Lexi Herrman and Katelyn Dargus were hard at work this week preparing their animals for the fair. Weinberg will be a freshman at Buchanan High this fall and Herrman is a first-year student at Southwestern Michigan College after graduating from Buchanan. Dargus, who lives in Buchanan but attends Bridgman High School, is entering her sophomore year.

Weinberg plays travel floor hockey and softball and will be playing basketball and volleyball for Buchanan.

Below, the three exhibitors shared their thoughts on their fair experiences and more. (Note: This conversation has been edited for both length and clarity.)

What exhibits are you participating in this year?

Katelyn: This year I have an angus heifer and me and my siblings have three pigs here.

Lexi: This year I exhibited two sheep, a pig and I also brought a turkey as well.

Cora: I have two heifers, a pig and a rabbit.

What do you enjoy the most about the fair experience?

Katelyn: Probably the amount of people and friendships that you meet and make during the fair week. It’s always nice just being able to hang out with the people that you only see fair week. Like Cora, she goes to a different school and it’s really nice just to be able to see these people and hang out with them for the whole week. It’s where memories are made.

Lexi: It’s having fun and making memories and enjoying the years that you have because you can only show a certain amount of years. I really think that you should take the time to enjoy the memories and friendships that you make during these years.

Cora: I’m gonna say the same thing as Katelyn because some people we don’t get to see very often. You can really hang out with them now. It’s just being able to be competitive but also have fun with your friends.

What are some of the exhibit awards you’ve won over the years?

Katelyn: Last year I won Grand Champion Market Hog and Grand Champion Heifer. The year before, I won Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog. This year, I won Reserve Overall Heifer and Reserve Overall Showman as well.

Lexi: Last year, I won Champion Berkshire Pig and fourth overall Market Hog. For my lambs last year, I got Reserve Grand Champion Overall for my Market Wether.

Cora: Two years ago, I got Reserve Gilt and this year, I got Reserve Champion Heifer.

What are some things you’ve learned about yourself during this fair process?

Katelyn: It has taught me to always think about the people that have got me to this moment, especially with showing livestock at the fair. You really want to take the time to thank the people who have helped you along the way and all the early mornings at the barn and late nights in the barn. Just being grateful and appreciative that we had this opportunity to meet all these people and always be able to help out the younger kids. It’s just a nice feeling helping out younger people.

Lexi: What I’ve learned over the years is if you work hard you’ll see your achievements and your hard work pay off. You really do learn a lot because of how much of a responsibility you have taking care of your livestock and making sure they’re fed and watered and working them every day to get to the point where you want to be.

Cora: Really enjoy the moments because they’re not always gonna be here and just you have to enjoy them while they’re here.

Cora and Lexi, what is it like having birthdays during fair week?

Cora: Sometimes I think it’s not good but I also think it’s a blessing because you get to just enjoy it with all your friends at the fair and you can also enjoy it with others too.

Lexi: It’s just nice being with all the people you like to spend time with for your birthday. Unfortunately, my birthday is this Friday, which is the auction, so I’ll be a little sad because I have to sell my animals but I’ll be able to celebrate my birthday later.