LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Difference between sex and gender

Published 4:58 pm Thursday, July 27, 2023

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Sex is determined at birth, it’s in your DNA, you can’t change that.  You are male or female.

Gender is up to you, and everything is open.  You can change your body, dress as you like, have sex with anyone you want, marry who you want, call yourself what you want.  But you are still male or female sex.

There’s inherent differences between male and female sexes. Male and female bodies are different. Only females can grow babies in their bodies.  Males have biological differences in their bodies that give them advantage in sports.  Trans women are males who decided to change their male bodies and compete in women’s sports.  They changed their gender, but not their sex.  They have biological advantages in bone structure, muscle mass, and other things, so these males are winning in women’s sports.  Trans women should be banned from women’s sports, it’s common sense and fairness.  Have an open category that anyone can compete in, a fair solution.

Cathy LaPointe