LMC making a difference in our region

Published 9:00 am Thursday, July 20, 2023

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Dear Editor, 

Successful communities nurture, attract, and retain an educated workforce. Training,  retraining, and education lead to higher incomes, growing businesses and industries, and a  better quality of life. 

One way to support a successful community here in southwest Michigan is by supporting the  work of Lake Michigan College. I recently accepted a position on the LMC Board of Trustees  and can report that they are making a positive impact in this area.  

With more than 75 programs of study, apprenticeship training with more than 40 local  manufacturers, one of Michigan’s top nursing programs, a new police academy, and  innovative partnerships with local schools through early/middle college and dual enrollment  programs, LMC is poised to keep building a talent pipeline for our community. 

On August 8, voters are being asked to support a millage renewal for LMC. This is not a tax  increase. This extends a millage that has been supported by the community for decades. It  will hold the tax rate at the same rate for 20 years.  

According to the independent research firm Lightcast, LMC has a positive social and  economic impact of $426 million a year. That includes the salaries of LMC alumni, college  operations, and reduced costs of social services for our region.  

LMC is providing great value, and I am asking you to vote ‘yes’ on this important renewal.  The renewal is critical for our area as it supports 25% of LMC operations. 

With more than 70% of future jobs in Michigan requiring training beyond high school, LMC  has initiatives with short-term, certificate, pre-apprenticeship, and degree training programs  to connect you with your future success. Please join me along with my friends and family in  voting ‘yes’ on the LMC millage renewal on August 8. 

Mark D. Weber