Edwardsburg Village Council hosts July meeting

Published 1:24 pm Wednesday, July 19, 2023

EDWARDSBURG — The Edwardsburg Village Council approved multiple financial reports, made budget amendments, and elected to begin making electronic payments for village bills during its Monday meeting. 

They also revisited last month’s discussion regarding possibly acquiring a repeatedly surrendered property on M-62. Further discussion with the county revealed that the property could not be given to the village for free and would instead cost $2,000, the amount of back taxes due. The cost may lower in time if it is not acquired. Given the property cannot be built upon and is unlikely to sell to another party, the council elected to take no action at this time.

The general manager of Nobo Goods Dispensary, Adam Rapp, made a request during public comment regarding the sign rules as listed in the village marijuana ordinance. As currently listed, the word “cannabis” is prohibited from signage. Rapp pointed out, however, that the term is the official one recognized at the state level and would benefit the business in signage to help customers identify their products. 

Village Council President Dennis Peak noted that it was time for the council to review the ordinances in light of changes to the state law and requested volunteers to work to update them. Trustees Garwood and Van Hulle agreed to help. The council took no action on Rapp’s request, but informed him they would be considering it.

Rich Low, of the Department of Public Works, requested the expense approval of $650 to have a dead pine tree in the cemetery removed and ground. He also reported that the sidewalk removal approved last month had been completed, with grass already growing in its place. He inquired as to whether the council would like to have a connecting sidewalk and crosswalk to the area to connect the west side of Lake Street. Doing so would require another tree removal, at the cost of $1,500. Both measures were approved unanimously.

Low reported on the removal of a leaking water meter at Edwardsburg Manor Apartments. Due to a three month delay in delivery, the water usage will have to be estimated. He requested the village stock additional meters to avoid the same problem in the future, at the cost $2335 for two meters and additional parts. The council approved the purchase unanimously.

The public parking lot on US-12 will have cracks filled and the entire lot sealed for an estimated $4,640 from Arnt Asphalt Sealing, Inc. Village staff will stripe the lot once the seal is complete.

Long delays on work for the iron removal plant, slowed by movement on permits at the state level, may be nearing the end. Michigan’s Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy department (EGLE) agreed to allow the village to begin site work ahead of permitting in light of the unprecedented set back. Additional meetings with EGLE would be followed by site work beginning as early as next week. The goal is to have underground piping complete and the outer shell of the building complete by Thanksgiving.

The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run will be passing through Edwardsburg on Monday, Aug. 7. The event, the longest torch relay in the world, involves runners from multiple countries intending to spread a message of friendship and understanding. Village treasurer Sarah Overgaard explained that the runners would like to stop in the village that Monday around 1 p.m. and would love to have local runners join them as they enter and exit. They may also make a 45-minute presentation for the community during their stay. They also requested a community volunteer to be nominated to be honored in the torch-bearer award program.

The Edwardsburg chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars will be offering military banners to be hung along the village streets. The banners, intended to honor local veterans, will cost $55. Those interested may contact Angie at the VFW.

Village President Peak noted that the staff has been doing well at keeping the village looking good and at staying on top of problems. He also noted that the annual audit for the village will take place the week of July 31. The next village council meeting will take place on Monday, Aug. 21.