LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Concerns remain six months after Brandywine BOE leadership shuffle

Published 6:40 pm Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Brandywine Bobcats be aware! In the short time since ‘We the Parents’ candidates-turned-board members have taken control of the Brandywine Board of Education, they have enacted changes that have little to do with Faith, Family, or Freedom – and sometimes go directly against the latter two. 

Regular meeting schedules have been shuffled and confused, in the name of making space for newly created committees. In the face of 4 hour meetings, public comment was dropped from 5 to 3 minutes per comment to “save time”. 

“Committees which would include the community” were surveyed for involvement, but instead manifested as board committees; Seemingly since citizen advisory committees must be chaired by non-board members: A non-starter for the 4 power-grabbing members. The first 2 committee meetings were scheduled with little notice, and little consideration for families; One on a summer Friday evening, the other in the middle of a work day. Bafflingly, the board curriculum committee excluded community members, excluded trusted Brandywine veteran/retired superintendent Dr. John Jarpe who instead sat in the audience and excluded County representatives. 

Instead, they invited an outside consultant, Jordan Adams – founder of 2022 start-up Vermilion Education LLC.  He accepted, was allowed a seat at the table, and a voice during committee discussion. One bright light (albeit dimmed by delay, and repeated questioning of the administration learning council) was the eventual adoption of a curriculum called CKLA – a best in breed and heavily supported by staff. These delays caused approval mere weeks before it needs to reach educators’ hands, so they may be properly trained in its use for 2023/2024.

I have seen public comment ebb and flow at these various meetings. I look forward to continued community involvement as we close out summer, and head back into the fall for 2023/24. Go Bobcats!

Ryan Adams


In-district lifelong resident, alumnus, parent of graduate and parent of active student