South Bend man gets prison time for stabbing Edwardsburg man 15 times

Published 2:18 pm Friday, July 7, 2023

CASSOPOLIS — A South Bend man who stabbed an Edwardsburg man several times last year is going to prison. He was one of five people sentenced Friday in Cass County Circuit Court.

Stone Alexander Lewis, 27, of South Bend, pleaded no contest not only to assault with intent to murder but also two counts of assault of a prison employee, all as a habitual offender.

He was sentenced to 16 years to 50 years in prison on the assault with intent to murder case where he has credit for 300 days already served. He must pay $1,048 in fines and costs in that case.

He also received two sentences of four years nine months to 10 years in prison on the assault of a prison employee. He has credit for 289 days served in that case and must pay $1,326 in fines and costs and $200 in restitution. All three prison terms will run concurrently.

The assault with intent to murder incident occurred Sept. 19, 2022 in Edwardsburg when he stabbed George Six 15 times inside Six’s home. Six was sleeping at the time and woke up to being stabbed in his head, neck and chest. He had to be airlifted to Memorial Hospital in South Bend for treatment.

The assault on a prison employee occurred later in September when Lewis grabbed a key card from a jail guard and tried to escape. He fought with three deputies before being subdued.

Six spoke before the sentencing. He recalled that he had been watching a Notre Dame football game and had dozed off only to wake up to being stabbed. “I got stabbed too many times, my lungs were collapsed,” he said. “He tried to kill me and I never even had words with the dude. To be honest, he’s a menace to society and shouldn’t be let out.”

“He put it pretty aptly, Mr. Lewis is a menace to society,” County Prosecutor Victor Fitz said. “On the date in question, he was a stone cold would be killer. Mr. Six was stabbed 15 time and it was not a stabbing in the finger, pinkie or toe, but in his head, spinal cord and brain.”

“This was a terrifying episode, it’s a situation where Mr. Six is lucky to still be alive,” Fitz added. “He then tried to escape from jail. He has a long history of criminality and his actions have been escalating in recent years … and drugs are a part of his recipe for disaster.”

Defense attorney Robert Kardatzke said Lewis has expressed remorse over the incident and said he doesn’t remember his actions due to taking drugs. For his part, Lewis said “I’m not a monster, I was under the influence.” “I feel so much remorse and sadness for what happened to him,” he added.

Cass County Circuit Judge Mark Herman told Lewis he should consider himself lucky, both for getting a sentence below the bottom of the sentencing guidelines and for Six not dying from his wounds. “You should consider yourself lucky, the likely minimum sentence would have been well in excess of 20 years in prison without the plea agreement,” he said.