Cass County farm announces ‘Goats on The Go’ weed control business

Published 10:22 am Tuesday, May 23, 2023

CASS COUNTY — “It certainly may be a goat you see at our Dr. T.K. Lawless Park,” says Scott Wyman, Cass County Park Director with a smile. “We are partnering with The Friends of the Cass County Parks and Willowbrook Farms to introduce their new “Goats to Go” business in Cass County.

We are so excited to welcome this opportunity and ecologically-friendly approach to weed control in one of our denser areas of the park.”

Willowbrook Farms, owned and operated by the Frias family in rural Cass County, is “on a mission to create a source of
food produced with the highest integrity, that would bring our community together.” With that, they are bringing their
unique approach to weed control with their targeted grazing program to the park. Goats will: eat problem vegetation
with little damage to desirable plants; eliminate the need for machines; be able to work in rough terrain with little risk of
erosion; eliminate the need for chemicals; and be very efficient at what they do.

Arriving at the park on May 24th , the goats will be “on the job” for five days in an area located east of the games field off
trail 6. Wyman continues, “We hope to have some signs out so our visitors can enjoy the show. We do have to remind
people not to try to feed or touch the goats for their safety and the goats’ safety as well. We are looking forward to
welcoming this herd of goats to the park, as well as showcasing Willowbrook Farms’ new business in hopes that others
will see this sustainable approach to weed control.”

For more information regarding the “Goats to Go” program, contact Willowbrook Farms at:
or for Cass County Parks questions, call 269-445-4456 or email