Mobile Crisis Team comes to Cass County

Published 6:30 pm Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Cassopolis — Woodlands has rolled out a public service to address the needs of people experiencing mental health crises in Cass County.

The Mobile Crisis Team operates at all hours to provide rapid crisis response in the community for Cass Co. residents. They work with people in crisis to de-escalate, assess, and intervene in ways that help people to stay out of jail and out of psychiatric hospitals when possible. The team will work with families in crisis for up to 9 weeks after a crisis event. The team will respond to all people, regardless of diagnosis, insurance status, or other common barriers to accessing quality mental health services.

The team officially began providing services August 13th, 2022, going live through central dispatch and working with first responders and law enforcement in active crisis situations. Prior to that, two clinicians, Darcie Ball, and Justin McCammon, were providing this service to children on a limited basis starting in 2019. Since opening to the public last fall, the team has expanded to include several clinicians and paraprofessionals dedicated to this cause.

This service can be accessed by calling the Woodlands main line, (269) 445-2451, in conjunction with first responders by dialing central dispatch, and through calling 988. MCT provides immediate de-escalation, intervention, assessment, family counseling, screening, skills training, and a variety of other services. MCT delivers crisis postvention services for up to 9 weeks. MCT will transport a person in need in special circumstances. The team is currently working under a blended funding source with the CMH and a grant through MDHHS. MCT works closely with other agencies to bring positive changes to mental health services in the community.