Edwardsburg Leo Club members receive Leo pins for community service work

Published 12:39 pm Monday, January 16, 2023

EDWARDSBURG — Edwardsburg Leo Club members recently earned their Leo pin for doing service work in the community.  

Leo stands for leadership, experience and opportunity and the Leo students of the Edwardsburg High School have done amazing efforts in the community over the last several years helping out. Currently, the Leo Club is hosting a “Sock Drive for Children” to help collect socks to stay within the Edwardsburg Schools.  

After the sock drive, Leos will present the Edwardsburg Elementary Schools with socks to pass out to children that could really use some warm socks during these cold months. The Leo’s made posters and posted them through the High School to get all the students involved. 

Leo students need to earn at least six hours to earn their Lions of Michigan Leo pin. There are currently 75 students in the Leo Club and 50 of those students have already earned their Leo pin.  Pictured are only a portion of the students that were at the meeting to collect their pin. Many students are in sports and band and other activities so they will get their pins during the next meeting.

The total of hours these Leo students have currently for just the months of September to December are 495 hours.

The Edwardsburg Leo Club was formed in the fall of 2012 at Edwardsburg High School. Lion Amy Anderson started the Leo Club, a youth organization tat pursues service work in the Edwardsburg Community. Anderson was the first Advisor and held meetings in the Edwardsburg High School for five years, until she became the principal at the Volinia Outcome School.

Her parents, Tanda and David Stiffler, took over being the advisors and have been the advisors since 2017. For those looking to donate socks or monetary donations for this sock drive, contact advisor Tanda Stiffler to get more information.