All-Lakeland Conference squad announced

Published 8:28 am Tuesday, November 15, 2022

BUCHANAN — Lakeland Conference champion Buchanan had nine players named all-league first-team in football recently.

The Bucks landed five players on first-team offense and four players selected first-team defense.

Runner-up Berrien Springs had seven players earn first-team all-conference, while Dowagiac had six players selected, Brandywine five players selected and Benton Harbor four players selected.

Earning first-team honors for the Bucks were Connor Legault (quarterback), Thomas VanOverberghe (skill player), Drew and Ryder Andersen (offensive linemen), Jack Ruth (flex), AJ Camille-Mcleod (defensive lineman), Dillon Oatsvall (defensive lineman), Nico Finn (linebacker) and Jarmari Brown (defensive back).

First-team picks for the Bobcats were Phillip McLaurin (offensive lineman), Gavin Schoff (defensive lineman), Carter Sobecki (linebacker), Michael Palmer (defensive back) and Owen Hulett (punter).

The Chieftains’ first-team picks were Justin Bannow (skill player), Josh Winchester-Jones (skill player), Bryce Zimmerman (offensive lineman), Max Stelmasiak (defensive lineman), Andrew Hartman (linebacker) and Jacob Rial (kicker).

The honorable mention players for Buchanan, Brandywine and Dowagiac are listed below.


All-Lakeland Conference Football

First Team Offense


Connor Legault, Buchanan


Skill Players

Davionte Tasker, Benton Harbor

Ben Eising, Berrien Springs

CJ Gordon, Berrien Springs

Thomas VanOverberghe, Buchanan

Justin Bannow, Dowagiac

Josh Winchester-Jones, Dowagiac


Offensive Linemen

Dashawn Greely, Benton Harbor

Allan Chole, Berrien Springs

Phillip McLaurin, Brandywine

Drew Andersen, Buchanan

Ryder Andersen, Buchanan

Bryce Zimmerman, Dowagiac


Tight End/Fullback/Flex

Jack Ruth, Buchanan


First Team Defense

Defensive Linemen

Allan Chole, Berrien Springs

Gavin Schoff, Brandywine

AJ Camille-Mcleod, Buchanan

Dillon Oatsvall, Buchanan

Max Stelmasiak, Dowagiac



Jamarlin Mckinney, Benton Harbor

CJ Gordon, Berrien Springs

Carter Sobecki, Brandywine

Nico Finn, Buchanan

Andrew Hartman, Dowagiac


Defensive Backs

Rodney Ford, Benton Harbor

Garrett Brewer, Berrien Springs

Quimari Haskins, Berrien Springs

Michael Palmer Brandywine

Jamari Brown, Buchanan


Special Teams


Jacob Rial, Dowagiac


Owen Hulett, Brandywine


Honorable Mention Offense


Jaeden Meeks, Benton Harbor


Skill Players

Julius Walker, Benton Harbor

Leland Payne, Buchanan


Offensive Linemen

Dayvion Frazier, Benton Harbor

Owen Kerlikowski, Berrien Springs

Trevion Porter, Berrien Springs

Gavin Schoff, Brandywine

Doug Hawley, Brandywine

Caiden Legault, Buchanan

Owen Kiddemeyer, Buchanan

Devean Whitaker, Dowagiac


Tight End/Fullback/Flex

Quimarki Haskins, Benton Harbor

Carter Sobecki, Brandywine


Honorable Mention Defense

Defensive Linemen

Monty Duckett, Benton Harbor

Kole Blasko, Berrien Springs

Phillip McLaurin, Brandywine



Raymond Parker, Benton Harbor

Micah McFarland, Berrien Springs

Jake McCubbin, Brandywine

Connor Legault, Buchanan

Nick Schultz, Dowagiac


Defensive Backs

Avonte Tasker, Benton Harbor

Jaxson Seddon, Buchanan

Christian Wheaton, Dowagiac

Kaleb Smith, Dowagiac

Isiah Hill, Dowagiac