ELECTION 2022: Berrien County school board races

Published 12:37 am Wednesday, November 9, 2022

BERRIEN COUNTY — Local school board election results continue to trickle in Tuesday night. Listed below are the unofficial election results from Berrien county for schools within Leader Publications’ coverage area.

Brandywine Community Schools

With four seats open on the Brandywine Board of Education, Michelanne McCombs (1,154), Elaine McKee (1,140 votes) Thomas Payne (1,055 votes) and Angela Seastrom (1,008) are currently in the top four, with current BCS Board President Dennis Hinsey close behind with 910 votes.

Buchanan Community Schools

With two seats open on the Buchanan Board of Education, current BCS president Harvey Burnett (1,826) and Jennie Brackett (1,681) are on their way to being elected to the board. Also running are Donald F. Ryman (1,229 votes), Mary Macigewski (986) and Tra’sha Myers (506 votes.)

Niles Community Schools

With two seats open on the Niles Board of Education, Dana Daniels (1,355 votes) and Mark Weber (1,228 votes) are currently in the top two. Also running are Krystal McCully (975) and Jamie Turay (918 votes).