Local townships become first in state to adopt new building permit software

Published 9:00 am Saturday, October 22, 2022

CASS COUNTY — The Townships of Silver Creek, Keeler, Pokagon, and Wayne are the first in the state of Michigan to adopt community development software, Cloudpermit.

“Cloudpermit is a phenomenal and all-inclusive system that takes permits from application to final occupancy,” said Scott Saunders, Chief Building Official for all four townships. “I am incredibly excited to bring these four townships online for improved efficiency, ease of use, and convenience for our staff and citizens. We’re the first government to be online in our greater region, and I love that we can be the base Cloudpermit grows from to get more governments excited about this software across Michigan.”

Cloudpermit allows both government and public users to access their projects on their phones, tablets, and computers at any time from any browser or by using a QR code. Builders, electrical inspectors, mechanical engineers, and zoning professionals can work in real-time on their projects without needing to travel to the government office.

“We provide a service to our communities and Cloudpermit will help our staff serve our residents even better,” Saunders said. “It is a massive step forward that my response time can go from an hour or two down to two minutes. Our residents and builders can get back to their day faster since I can answer their questions as soon as I’m available, rather than as soon as I’m physically in their township.”

The approximately 25,000 people that reside in the Townships of Silver Creek, Keeler, Pokagon, and Wayne can pay for their building permits online this year.

“Scott discovered Cloudpermit at the Code Officials Conference of Michigan, and the rest is history,” said Jarkko Turtiainen, Cloudpermit’s Senior Vice President. “We are delighted to be working with Silver Creek, Keeler, Pokagon, and Wayne to provide their citizens with an online way to build their community.”