OPINION: Michigan 5th Congressional District Election

Published 3:46 pm Friday, October 14, 2022

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Dear Editor:

First, I am a lifelong Republican and former Chair of the Cass County Republican Party.  However, this year I am supporting Bart Goldberg – yes, a Democrat. I am supporting Bart because he shares my values, and because I am used to having a representative in Congress who works across party lines as a problem solver to get things done for Michigan and the country. Bart is that kind of guy, with the chaos in the country today, we need a congressman who shares the values of most Americans: 

  1. To allow women to have control over their bodies and their health.
  2. That supporting the 2nd Amendment, does not mean that we cannot have regulations that restrict felons and people with mental disorders from purchasing guns.

This November we have a choice between two men, one who believes in working across the aisle to get things done for his constituents. And the other who chooses to follow the leadership of his party to get the endorsement of Donald Trump.

I believe that independent voters and Republicans who are tired of what the GOP has become will find BART as the man they can support.


Andy Anderson