Wayne Township Board of Trustees host October ’22 meeting

Published 1:12 pm Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Leader Publications Contributor

WAYNE TOWNSHIP —  The Wayne Township Board of Trustees gathered for its monthly meeting on Monday, Oct. 3. 

Supervisor Frank Butts, Clerk Kurt Reich, Treasurer Judy Fusko, and Trustees Jim Griggs and Frank Maley were present. The members discussed the various reports to the board. The Building Administrator, the Zoning Administrator, the Assessor, the Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Emergency Services Authority had no report to give. 

The report from the Electrical Inspector consisted of six electrical permits issued for $1,115. The Mechanical Inspector reported that one plumbing permit and four mechanical permits were issued for $1,063. The cemetery manager shared that there had been two burials in September and that 24 plots had been sold to one family. The fire board had a report of 21 fire calls over the past month and the news of the addition of a new certified firefighter to Wayne Township.

The report of the blight inspector mentioned that a couple cases had been closed for compliance and a couple cases still remained open. The only Unsafe Building reported was an A-frame on Morton Street. Trustee Jim Griggs shared that the Planning Commission had begun to talk about short term rentals within the township.

The planning commission decided there should be something in place to regulate short term rentals and would continue to discuss the topic after reading up on ordinances in place in different municipalities. The planning commission also discussed solar panels, the master plan and the role it plays in the township. The current Master Plan will be updated in about two years. The report from the Dowagiac District Library mentioned a new policy committee that would be looking into the personnel of the library. No further information was given about the topic.

Treasurer Judy Fusko gave the Treasurer’s report, sharing that during this tax season she had the highest percentage of taxes ever paid on time, leaving 300 still unpaid. Clerk Kurt Reich reported that the ballots for the November 8 election had arrived at the town hall and that the absentee ballots had been sent out. Supervisor Frank Butts shared that the town hall parking lot had been finished up and the new stripes had been added. 

The Website News Report included discussion about potentially adding the watershed study to the Wayne Township website. Following all the reports to the board, the members moved onto their old business items. Judy Fusko listed off ways the American Rescue Plan Act funds could be used for the township, either for the town hall itself, or for the residents. If the funds were used for the town hall, the siding on the front of the building could be repaired or the building could get a new metal roof. If the funds were used for the public, they could be used for upkeep and service for the roads, or for improved cell services within the township. Fusko stated that the ARPA funds must be spent by 2026. 

Lastly, the members discussed the purchase and installation for 4 security cameras at the townhall. Labor would cost $2,700 and equipment would cost $1,200, totaling $3,900. The board approved to accept the quote for the project.